Make Dance Fun

Best of 2022 - Make Dance Fun!

December 23, 2022 Season 2 Episode 58
Make Dance Fun
Best of 2022 - Make Dance Fun!
Show Notes

In Episode 58 is a BEST OF 2022 Episode to recap the year!

Top 5 Episodes:
#46 - Fast & Fun Photo Shoots
#38 - Best of 2021
#39 - We’re Back with Season 2 and Summer on our Minds
#45 - Confetti Cannons - Rapid Fire with Becca, Dani & Shelley
#41 - 5 Things to Gear Up for Recitals

Top 5 Locations:
1 - US, 2 - Canada, 3- Australia, 4 - United Kingdom, 5 - Germany 

Favorite Episodes in 2022
D: #48: Fun & Fancy Five Star Staff Kick-Off
B: #51: Planning YOUR Fun Big Show (+ Our Fave Recital Moments)!

Favorite Craft or Project:
B: Rhythm: Holiday Walls; Confetti: Rhinestone Roundup Camp Confetti Crafts
D: Rhythm Story (based on Toy Story) flat characters 

Least Favorite Craft or Project (because of the amount of work, time and effort it took, not because of the outcome!)
Holiday wall
B: Halloween wall

What Confetti event/project are you most proud of?
Your FUN Big Show, Adding Diego to Twirl & Flashie Cards, and Pinterest
D: New Twirl to Go themes + 3 of our newest Camp Confetti themes: Fancy Mouse Dress Up House, Prancing Pony Party & Rhinestone Roundup

What Rhythm event/project are you most proud of?
Recital retreat
Staff Kick Off and Photo Shoot and Recital Retreat

Top 3 Most Fun Things for Rhythm and/or Confetti?
#4-Rhythm Fun Walls, New Camp Confetti themes,Rhythm Story, Staff Kick Off
D: Your Fun Big Show, Excitement around announcing our 2023 Year-End Show theme; Staff Kick Off 

That’s a wrap on SEASON TWO and 2022! Thank you for listening!  Happy Holidays and we'll be back in 2023 for Season THREE of Make Dance Fun! 

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