Make Dance Fun

Best of 2021!

December 28, 2021 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 1 Episode 38
Make Dance Fun
Best of 2021!
Show Notes

Episode 38 is our final episode of Season 1, and  we're sharing some of our faves (and least faves) of the year! Thank you for listening and supporting us ~ Cheers to 2022!

Favorite Podcast Episodes:
Dani: Preschool Dance Party Series  - Episodes 28, 29 & 30
Becca: Dance Friends are the Best Friends - Episode 15 and Connecting the Dots of your Studio Brand - Episode 10

Favorite Photo Shoot:
Dani: The video (& photo) shoot for our recital course…Your Fun Big Show
Becca: Our most recent one, especially the Camp Confetti shots

Favorite Craft:
Dani: The larger than life Twirl Ribbons, the big stars that look like marquee lights, and the set of Your Fun Big Show. 
Becca: Ski photo backdrop for Frozen 

Least Favorite Craft/Project:
Dani: The Summer beach ball backdrop and the Woody and Jessie panels used at our recital retreat, and the ski backdrop
Becca: The beginning of any wall project

What inspired you most during this year?
Dani: Our staff at Rhythm and also seeing so many studios push through some of the craziest times and continue to make dance magic happen for so many kids! 
Becca: Travel!

Personal achievement?
Dani: Work in progress but getting closer after hiring our assistant Ellie
Becca: I moved closer to the studio and my quality of life has improved immensely!

What Confetti event/project are you most proud of? 
Dani: The podcast! I am also proud of launching Your Fun Big Show and finishing the Twirl Update which was a massive project!
Becca: Your Fun Big Show, Twirl and the podcast!

What Rhythm event/project are you most proud of?
Dani: Pulling off our year-end show back in June! 
Becca: Rhythm Frozen! 

Top Three Downloaded Podcasts:
Episode 28: Preschool Dance Party Part 1: 8 Fun Props to Use in Dance Class
Episode 30: Preschool Dance Party Part 3: Pro Tips from our Preschool Pro!
Episode 29: Preschool Dance Party Part 2: Preschool Progressions

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