Make Dance Fun

Planning YOUR Fun Big Show (+ Our Fave Recital Moments)!

September 22, 2022 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 2 Episode 51
Make Dance Fun
Planning YOUR Fun Big Show (+ Our Fave Recital Moments)!
Show Notes

In Episode 51, we are sharing the basic outline of Your Fun Big Show - our complete recital planning course! This comprehensive course is broken into sections so it’s easier to digest, and today is sort of like the table of contents to give you a sneak peek of what all is included! If you don't have the course, it's a great outline to use for planning your own show!

We also recap our favorite parts Rhythm Story, our show from last season in a Q&A style and tell you all about our favorite concepts/themes in the show and what parts we loved most in our production number and what processes we think are most important to the success of our show (master spreadsheet and recital retreat!).

Here's an outline of what is included in the course: 

SECTION 1: First Steps - this includes theater bookings, determining and announcing dates and theme. choosing characters and beginning the brainstorming process.  

SECTION 2: Creating your show brand, logo, hashtag and all the  graphic design. Then how to use that to brand your whole year. 

SECTION 3: Fall planning and the recital retreat, determining how many shows and which classes are in each show,  themes/concepts for each class, prepping for the retreat, finalizing concepts, creating the master spreadsheet, selecting/editing music, determining props and sets, choosing costumes/backdrops, building schedules, and assigning theme directors. 

SECTION 4: Ordering costumes, creating a lookbook, status updates, starting choreography and building stage sets & props

SECTION 5: Part 1 of Spring Planning Logistics like ensuring all classes are entered into your software, running order of show, naming the routines to match your theme, populating the recital packet, lobby decor, plan crafting, finalizing logos, goody bags, ticket sales logistics, check-in process, dressing rooms, and recital program prep. 

SECTION 6: Spring Planning Part 2: Logistics, flowers, ribbon, tissue, ordering T-shirts, planning truck load and unload, organizing volunteers, staff meals, tech, prop and set sheets, character rehearsals and call sheets, organizing music by show. 

SECTION 7: Tech Week and Dress Rehearsal and all the logistics!

SECTION 8: Communications: website, social media, newsletters, emails, show detail packet, parent meetings, flower sales and staff meetings

SECTION 9: Adding Wow Factors: Recital decor in your studio, characters: costume details, photo shoots, voice overs and meet and greets, craft & props for show., theater lobby set up, posters, banners & step & repeat, photo ops, goody bags, programs, stage lighting and backdrops

SECTION 10: Closing

Click here to read about even more detail of what is included with your purchase. 

We hope this episode helps you understand all that we put into our planning of our show and all the things that we share in YOUR FUN BIG SHOW. If you have not gotten this course yet, purchase it now! 

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