Make Dance Fun

We're Back with Season TWO & Summer On Our Minds!

February 10, 2022 Season 2 Episode 39
Make Dance Fun
We're Back with Season TWO & Summer On Our Minds!
Show Notes

In Episode 39 – our first episode of Season 2! – we're talking all things summer! We just successfully launched our studio's full summer schedule & registration this week! Our theme is Carnival-A-Rhythm to tie into our year-end show theme Rhythm Story (based on Toy Story). Check out @rhythmdancecenter for pics! 

Camp Confetti: We launched 4 new Camp Confetti themes! These downloads are filled with everything you need to plan and teach your summer dance camp: a super fun + detailed theme with combo choreography videos, dance activities and games centered around the theme, crafts, decor, music suggestions, marketing tools and so many more fun extras, like decor ideas, playlists and more! During the pre-sale phase, you will get immediate access to the logos, social images and marketing wording to begin promoting the camps!

New Themes
Prancing Pony Party - A Charming Adventure
Fancy Mouse Dress-Up House 
Rhinestone Round-Up All Things Boots and Bling
Confetti Clue Crew: Mystery at the TOYriffic Museum of Fun

Check out ALL 30 of our Camp Confetti Summer Dance FunPacks!

Top 3 Questions About Camp Confetti

1. What does Camp Confetti Include?

  • A detailed description and super cute social post for marketing
  • Detailed storyline to inspire + engage dancers in the theme
  • Video of TWO center floor combos
  • Detailed teacher guide/descriptions to THREE dance activities
  • ONE fun dance game related to the theme
  • At least FOUR fun craft ideas, including supply lists and before-and-after photos
  • THREE coloring or activity pages
  • Camp Confetti Certificates
  • Lots of extra fun included, like studio decor suggestions, bonus activities and more!

2. How many days and what hours will Camp Confetti work for? We designed the camps to maximize the fun over a five-day camp, but each theme can easily be adapted to fit a 3-day camp format (or any other format you choose to follow). These camps offer a lot of flexibility– go full out or use it as a supplement to an existing camp! 

3. Is the download easy enough to follow so it can be passed on to any of my faculty to run the camp? Yes! Everything is broken down in a way that is very easy to understand and follow. As long as your teachers read the full download prior to starting camp, they should be good to go!

Camp Confetti has been a life saver at Rhythm for the last 6 years! The organization and cohesiveness has brought the success level of our summer to a whole new level!

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