Make Dance Fun

Your Fun Big Show!

July 29, 2021 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 1 Episode 25
Make Dance Fun
Your Fun Big Show!
Show Notes

In Episode 25, we are so excited announce our newest Confetti Course: YOUR FUN BIG SHOW - a complete recital planning course! We love our year-end show, and we get so excited about all the aspects of it. We start planning it early and use our theme to market our studio for the entire season. 

We have shared quite a lot about our show on the podcast (Ep 13, 14, 16, 22) but in YOUR FUN BIG SHOW, we are sharing our exact formula and all the things we use to plan our show in detail! There’s no better way to get started planning than using YOUR FUN BIG SHOW as a guideline to create a fun experience for your dancers and parents! 

Your Fun Big Show officially launches on Oct. 1, when you’ll be able to listen and learn at your own pace to presentations and guidelines from Becca & Dani. Hashtags of our past shows: #rhythmfrozen, #intothefunknown, #wonkarhythmfactory, #rhythmuponadream, #wholerhythmworld.

During the course, you’ll hear us discuss topics like: 

  • How to get yourself in the zone to create the most fun show!
  • A planning calendar and timeline for your entire season to execute every aspect of Your Fun Big Show
  • Selecting and announcing a recital theme 
  • Branding your entire year around your show theme
  • Holding a recital retreat 
  • Structuring your show to captivate your audience and tell a story
  • Creating full-out preschool productions 
  • Adding a WOW factor to all things recital!

You’ll also have unlimited access to Your Fun Big Show Dropbox with a complete Recital Retreat Planning Guide that includes

  • Recital Planning Checklist and Tips
  • Master Spreadsheet Template to track, plan and organize your show details
  • Fun planning retreat ideas 
  • Recital Resource Guide 

Upgrade to our VIP Experience where you receive all of the above PLUS…

  • Recital Packet Canva Design Template 
  • Recital Program Checklist 
  • A list of fun recital theme ideas and creative ways to name Your Fun Big Show!

Check out our fun promo video!

Our show is, literally, the most fun and full-out thing we do all year and we want to help you feel the same about yours.

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