Make Dance Fun

5 Ways To Boost Your Summer Success

March 03, 2022 Season 2 Episode 40
Make Dance Fun
5 Ways To Boost Your Summer Success
Show Notes

In Episode 40, we're sharing 5 things you can do to boost your summer success.

1.  Schedule summer and promote now!
Parents are looking NOW to plan their activities for their kids. So, if your summer is not planned now, they may be signing up for other types of camps. Make sure you are consistently promoting the camps, too. Look into hiring a summer camp director, as we discussed in Episode 18.

2. Require summer dance camps
Listen to Episode 5 for even more details about this!

3. Offer drop-in classes, free trial classes, dance & play parties
It is equally important to offer drop-in classes for those who don't want the commitment of a week long camp, or maybe they want to try out your studio. We offer drop-in classes every week, and these are usually taught at an intermediate/advanced classes, but can definitely work for placing new students too.
Camp Confetti
We like to describe Camp Confetti as a full-out dance camp in a box, but your inbox! These are summer camp downloads packed with all the details you need to run a 3-5 day camp at your studio.  We have 30 different unique and original themes to choose from for preschool through elementary age dancers.  We do all the planning for you, so you or your staff can just put it into action. This saves you hours and hours of time that will allow you to take some time for yourself this summer. To learn more about Camp Confetti, listen to Episode 4 and Episode 39. You can also check out our latest blog post where we talk about our 4 newest themes, and see all 30 of our themes on our website!

5. Promote summer in a fun way!
Use social media (reels, etc.) to promote now and also in real time while camps are happening. Keep it in your newsletter to register, send ongoing promotional emails, pass out flyers at the end of class, and/or create a fun wall or bulletin board in studio. Listen to Episode 39 for even more details on this topic!

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