Make Dance Fun

5 Fun Things Happening Now!

November 17, 2021 Season 1 Episode 35
Make Dance Fun
5 Fun Things Happening Now!
Show Notes

In episode 35, we're back after a short break sharing five fun things that are happening now that we are really excited about! 

Rhythm Toy Barn: In our last episode, we talked briefly about the week of Halloween and how we were considering an outdoor space. We made it happen and are calling it the Rhythm Toy Barn. We painted it in bright colors to match our show logo. For Halloween, we hung a few Toy Story themed ghosts and other spooky-ish decor and created a fun photo op for everyone. Next, we will transform it into a winter wonderland. If you do not already have a fun and creative space for your dancers to take photos, consider setting one up!

Disney: We snuck in a 36-hour inspiration trip to Disney World (Toy Story Land) a few weeks ago!! Neither of us had been to Disney World in 15 years, so it was inspo overload! We have some great ideas for decor, colors and details. You can’t find a better way to get inspired if you are planning to do a Disney theme! If you want to up your inspiration and creativity, look into doing something super extra to elevate your planning: see a movie with your staff, go see a show and or go to Disney!

Twirl: As most of you know, we have recently finished up our Twirl Preschool Program revamp! Here are a few of our favorite things about the update:

  1. The Teacher Guide - where you find all the details, activities, music, crafts, etc to bring the Twirl Books to life. We’ve added SO MUCH more detail for you to carry over into your classes.
  2. Diego our adorable dancing boy character! We wanted to make sure all boys taking a Twirl class felt they were a part of all the fun.
  3. Stickers - When you order your Twirl packs, you also receive sheets of super cute stickers that coordinate with each lesson. It’s another way to recognize the dancers’ hard work in class, and all tiny dancers love stickers!

If you aren’t a Twirl Studio and want more info, check out all the details on our website and listen to episode 24!

Photo Shoot: We recently held a 2-day photo shoot to batch in future content for our blog! We started planning in early September and knocked out about 6 months of photo content! Our new assistant Ellie helped played a huge role in the organizing and prepping for it as her first project with us. This was also our first photo shoot in our new space, and we have a lot more space, so we were able to set up multiple vignettes ahead of time. If you want to elevate your own photo shoot, we recommend doing some extra prep and planning ahead of time to make it the most productive it can be! 

Recital Retreat: We just finished this and we were so, so productive! We will do a full episode on it in the near future, but a big takeaway is that all costumes have been selected and ordering is taking place in the next 2 weeks (much earlier for us than usual).  

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