Make Dance Fun

5 Fun Halloweek Ideas for Your Studio!

October 15, 2021 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 1 Episode 34
Make Dance Fun
5 Fun Halloweek Ideas for Your Studio!
Show Notes

Episode 34 is all about HALLOWEEK, and we're sharing 5 fun things you can do at your studio! #rhythmhalloweek is a long-standing tradition at our studio. We encourage you to create a hashtag that is specific to YOUR studio for Halloweek. Create one that is specific to you so that you can easily find your posts! 

For those of you that are new to all the Confetti fun, you may not know about our Halloweek on the Dance Floor hip hop combos and videos. This is our 6th annual season of creating fun, age appropriate hip hop combos that we share with you and encourage you to teach them in your classes, video it, post it on your social platforms and tag us so we would be sure to see it. We love seeing studios taking our short combo and getting super creative with it and making them their own, and we of course reshare them all! You can also teach it to your staff -- your dancers will love it and it's a great way to build engagement and teamwork within your staff.  

This blog post has our current version, as well as links to the other 5 versions AND several Halloweek related blog posts. 

5 Fun Things for Halloweek

1. Organize a SPOOKTACULAR Spotify Playlist. Start from existing playlists, and add more songs you can use in class. This is an easy and fun thing share with your dancers and teachers! Check out our Wickedly Enchanted Playlist

2. Decorate a wall in your studio for dancers to take their photos. Bonus: tie it into your show theme! This is a great way to get your dancers to snap a fun photo during your Halloweek! Carry the theme into a small area in each dance room, too! 

3. Halloween Dance Games. Check out the bottom of this blog post for links to posts with fun games like a haunted obstacle course, a Halloween version of Project Runway and more!

4. Dress up for Halloweek! 

  • Have your staff dress up in your recital theme. 
  • Performing company big/lil/families can coordinate their costumes
  • Create or use a fun guide for dressing up like this one from Different Drummer Dance.
  • Hold costume contests for students. We give out custom stickers to our dancers who dress up in the theme of our show. 

5. Halloweek on the Dance Floor. Teach our super fun Halloweek on the Dance Floor combos! This unites your studio, and you can create a fun compilation video of all your classes! Tag us and use the hashtag #halloweekonthedancefloor and we are going to pick one studio to give a confetti credit to! 

We hope this helps get you into the Halloween spirit and find some spooky-fun things to do at your studio!  

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