Make Dance Fun

Recital Planning - Part 1

October 08, 2021 Season 1 Episode 33
Make Dance Fun
Recital Planning - Part 1
Show Notes

In episode 33, we are kicking off the first episode in a new series on recital planning! We are in full recital planning mode now, and we just launched the content of our recital planning course: Your Fun Big Show! Purchase by 10/8 and SAVE! If you purchase before that date, not only will you save money, but you will also be invited to a live Q&A Zoom with us on this topic!

Here are the top 3 things we are doing right now to get the ball rolling for all things show planning:

Announce your theme, create a logo: We love making a big deal out of announcing our theme - which if you have listened to us, you already know this! Once we know the theme, we start dropping hints on our instagram and building lots of excitement. We usually start this on a Monday and announce the theme on Instagram on a Thursday, complete with our logo and hashtag. Our theme this year is inspired by Toy Story. We create a (secret) Pinterest board and a Google Doc to store all our ideas, then we will narrow them down throughout the planning process. Check out #rhythmstory2022 to see what we have done so far!! 

Figure out who is in what show and concepts: This is the very first thing we do to get everything in place before the fun creative parts start happening. Our studio manager starts this process by working on the breakdown of each show and then presents it to us. We give our input and thoughts, make a few minor changes then we are ready. We take into consideration dancers with siblings or those who take multiple classes and try to accommodate where we can. It also depends on maximum audience size.

Next we decide the concept that each class is going to be in our story-based show. We make sure we have all the main characters covered and also any of the “standout” scenes . This way, the flow of our show will not only make sense for our audience because they can follow the storyline, but it will keep things entertaining for all those non-dancers in the audience as the show progresses. 

Plan your planning: The most productive thing we do all season is our recital retreat! We rent a house, go away for a long weekend and figure out all concepts, choose all music, edit the music, choose the costumes, start our master spreadsheet with so many details, figure out dress rehearsal, tech rehearsal, figure out all our props and sets and backdrops! Our retreat is a little over a month away, but we are planning our planning now! We will start planning our decor for the weekend (because we go full out) and start ordering that! It is great because we can use lots of this decor for the studio and even for the show! We also order items for goodie bags for our staff. 

We hope these first few steps we've accomplished will inspire you to get going on that planning!

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