Make Dance Fun

Preschool Dance Party Part 1: 8 Fun Props to Use in Dance Class

August 19, 2021 Season 1 Episode 28
Make Dance Fun
Preschool Dance Party Part 1: 8 Fun Props to Use in Dance Class
Show Notes

Episode 28 is Part 1 of a new series called Preschool Dance Party and we're sharing 8 fun props you can use in your preschool dance classes! 

We put a big focus on our preschoolers as they are the future of our studio. Be confident that your preschool team truly loves working with the little ones. They feed off the energy of the teacher, and that energy needs to be amazing and positive and nurturing. 

We use our Twirl program - check out Episode 24! We also offer Fairytale Ballet, Hip Hop & Pop as an intro to Hip Hop and Petite Pizzazz (invitation-only). Variety is important because when you limit the options, you run the risk of losing them to gymnastics, cheerleading or possibly another studio.

Our ultimate goal with props is to bring  fun and excitement to keep them engaged and wanting to come back! 

Finger Lights & Firefly Jars: Each dancer gets a few lights for each hand; we turn out the lights and let them float around the room being fairies or fireflies.

#totesadorbs Beastly BFFs: These adorable friends are animals that we painted and gave them cute accessories and made them fabulous!! Check out this blog post for ideas!  

Disco Vibes: Make your class more magical with a Disco Ball, Karaoke machine with a built-in light show option that  moves to the beat of the music, Light-up magic wands and glow sticks!

Do you Want to Build a Snowman?: This winter activity is well worth the work for creating it!

Piñatas: Inexpensive and great to decor! Dancers can carry them as they demonstrate specific steps across the floor, pass them in a circle, or use in an obstacle course.

Twirl Flashie Cards: This is a super fun  product that comes with 2 complete sets of 20 cards (total of 40 cards) + suggested uses! 

Styrofoam Rings Covered in Duct Tape: These handheld props are great for working on coordination skills. Use a foam ring or heart shape to work arm coordination while the feet are tapping. 

Flamingo Themed Crafts/Props: Flappy the Flamingo Cane: This blog post tells you how to create one; Use pink feather dusters as a handheld prop to work on coordination skills; and feather feet, which are super cute little additions to the dancers’ tap shoes. They are so easy to make by using an elastic band and three pink feathers glued to it. They easily slip on and off their tap shoes and add a fun little fluff to their tapping. 

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