Make Dance Fun

5 Ways We're Prepping for our New Season!

August 12, 2021 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 1 Episode 27
Make Dance Fun
5 Ways We're Prepping for our New Season!
Show Notes

In Episode 27, we're sharing 5 things we're doing right now to get ready for the new season!

1. Final Marketing Push: Our office manager gives us daily updates on what enrollment looks like for every class and this is how we determine our marketing strategy and what makes the most sense when creating ads or social posts. Run FB ads for specific classes with openings. Hold free trial classes and advertise through email and social media focusing on new students and current dancers who might add additional classes. This gives dancers a chance to try a different genre without a commitment. Teachers explain what they can expect in class, and do a short demonstration. Offer incentives for anyone who registers after attending!

2. Update website and social: Read through every page on your website and update it with new dates, stats, details. Even if a potential customer finds you on social media or hears about you from a friend or a google search...they are most likely going to head straight to your website! Is it user friendly? Is your schedule easy to find and understand? Can they register online? Dates and info updated and correct? Is your dress code there? Your website needs consistent check ins and updates, especially now. Same with your social feeds - make current and show all aspects of your studio and what is happening, show different classes/styles and all thats going on in your studio, behind the scenes etc. 

3. Welcome Back Party and Open House: Listen to Episode 26 for details! Our theme this year: PLANET RHYTHM..Blasting off into a new season! We're carrying it over into the first week of classes also so everyone can enjoy the fun if they couldn't come. See #planetrhythmblastoff for fun pics!

4. Staff Kick Off: Set the tone for the season, reviewed staff guidelines and procedures. We created our Vision statement and re-did our core values! We also hold individual meetings with each member to start the year. We will have them fill out a google form prior to the meeting with some questions and goals and such and we always talk about strengths and weaknesses and anything new with their role or that needs to be addressed with their role. This is an important part of making sure we kick off the season all on the same page! 

5. Updating the Studio: Normally a big deal but was put on backburner last year. This is something we put a lot of focus on each year, but, just being honest, it was put on the back burner all of last season. Doesn't require major updates, but fresh paint, maybe a new step and repeat or photo area where everyone will take photos and post on their social channels.  Give your front desk or office a little makeover since that’s the one place most parents are going to see if you’re opening your lobby this season. Maybe you can update simple signage to direct everyone where to go since it’s been a while. It will make you feel better when you walk in the space and your customers will absolutely notice and appreciate it. 

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