Make Dance Fun

Summer Camp Director

April 29, 2021 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 1 Episode 18
Make Dance Fun
Summer Camp Director
Show Notes

In Episode 18, we're diving back into summer with our Summer Camp Director (and Rhythm alum and Connection Performing Company Director), Emily Salerno.

Pre-Emily,  we would launch summer enrollment in Jan/Feb and then we would not plan anything else until right before camps started - staffing, planning, shopping, etc.  Now with Emily and Camp Confetti we are in a much better position!

General timeline for the year: Nov: set preliminary dates (factor in key staff summer availability); Jan: assign main themes to each camp, create collateral (summer camp brochure, website) and launch registration, plan launch week theme with special discount, April: finalize teachers; May: confirm assistants, send out Camp Confetti packets for staff to review/plan; June: order/purchase supplies. 

Organizational Tools: Google Docs. Forms, Calendar & Sheets; Dropbox to hold all Camp Confetti in one place for all the teachers, Twirl to Go!

Canva - advertising/marketing/graphics - summer packet (5-6 page packet with dates, cost, times, etc.) and smaller 1-page flyer. Tip: Added a QR code linked to our packet so parents could scan it from our door and access out packet. 

Camp Prep Process: May: reminders, plan and shop for the camps that start early summer; send themes to the camp leads so they can shop for their own items; 2 weeks before camp: create day to day camp breakdown - schedule for each day, activities, crafts; One week prior: craft shopping for next week's camp, staff reminders, hours required- assistants required to stay to help set up crafts for next day craft prep. Friday before camp starts, breakdown decor and set up for next week camp.

Camp Confetti Invitation Printing Hack: Avery Shipping Labels - 4 to a page. The stickers make it easier for preschoolers to stick instead of glue.  

Parent Communications: Wed-Fri week before camp begins - schedule, what to wear, location, showcase time; additional reminders daily for what to wear/bring.

Tip: Keep summer camp fun - dancers don't have to be perfect - they are coming off their recital, keep it fun and look at it as marketing for your studio. 

If you are not in a position to hire a director, take a few of these tips and delegate some of the tasks to open up time for you to focus on other things or maybe even take a little time off. Start somewhere, start small and build on that position as you can!

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