Make Dance Fun

Summer Fun - Part 2

January 27, 2021 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 1 Episode 5
Make Dance Fun
Summer Fun - Part 2
Show Notes

In Episode 5, we're sharing 3 ways to boost summers at your dance studio! These have helped us have successful summer months at Rhythm, and we hope they help you, too!

1. Offer an invitation only program that requires a summer camp in order for dancers to participate. 

  • Separate from performing companies but serve as stepping stone
  • No additional requirements beyond mandatory summer camp
  • Ours do two recital dances, get an embellished costume and attend one competition
  • Designate directors who are enthusiastic, understand your studio's mission and can help the students thrive. 
  • Start small and watch it grow!

2. Offer multiple summer dance options! 

  • Virtual: Offer a completely virtual camp or a hybrid option that provides a fun experience to keep them engaged! Check out our Vibrant Virtual Dance Parties for ideas!
  • Dance & Play Parties: Two-hour dance parties with a fun theme! We use our Twirl to Go or Camp Confetti themes. Coordinate a theme around a camp you're already hosting to save time on decor, etc. Invite an older company dancer to dress up as a character and offer a quick photo op. 
  • Open Classes: Intermediate/advanced drop-in classes. Offer a class card discount and incentives if they take a certain number of classes. 
  • Camp Confetti:  3- and 5-day camp options from various Camp Confetti themes for both preschool and elementary.
  • Camp Rhythm:  Very popular musical theatre camp that is always in the theme of our year-end show.
  • Others: Private lessons, day camps, workshops for a specific style 

3. Hire a Summer Camp Director to plan, organize, staff and promote it. Trust us!

More information on the Summer Launch we referenced in Ep 4:

  • “Into the SUNknown” launch week theme to play off our recital theme
  • Holding in our new outdoor space. Anna and Elsa will do a quick performance, photo op and hand out stickers/treats.
  • We're creating a QR code that links to our Summer page

Reminder that our NEW Camp Confetti themes are available for presale! Take advantage of our launch specials: $200 each (ends March 26) or the Bundle special of all 4 new themes at $175 each (ends Feb 1). 

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