Make Dance Fun

Summer Fun - Part 1

January 20, 2021 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 1 Episode 4
Make Dance Fun
Summer Fun - Part 1
Show Notes

In Episode 4, we're sharing a tips for having a successful summer at your dance studio and answering your top questions about Camp Confetti!  

Three things we do at our studio every January and February to make our summer dance camps as successful as possible:

  1. Schedule your dates! We plan our company summer intensives in the fall and get those on the calendar first. In January, we  plan which weeks will work for Camp Confetti, Dance n Play Parties, etc.
  2. Announce the dates! We announce our non-company summer dates in January! We then send out a simple save-the-date flyer and promote on social media. 
  3. Summer Dance Camp Launch Week! We host a fun summer launch week in February to bring awareness that registration is open. We create a theme, encourage dancers to dress in summer attire, offer discounts and give out a fun treat! 

Camp Confetti
Introduced in 2017 with 8 themes, we now offer 26 different themes  (14 Preschool and 12 Elementary)!

Camp Confetti Summer Dance FunPacks are digital downloads that your theme, storyline, camp description, social images, combo videos, dance activities, a dance game, music suggestions, crafts,  certificates, decor ideas and more! They can be easily converted into a virtual camp if needed.

We design the camps to fill a 5-day period for 2-3 hours each day,  but they can easily be adapted to fit a 3-day camp format or any other format. It's up to you with what you decide to cut out!

We provide you with tools you need to market your camps: logo, social image and description. 

Our FOUR new fun themes:

  1. Dance PAWty with My Pet
  2. The Snowflake Spectacular: A Frozen Adventure
  3. The Big Time: Your Name in Lights!  
  4. Peace, Love and Remix: That 70s Dance Camp

The new camps are $200 each through March 26th (normally $225)! And our Bundle special (best deal) includes all 4 new themes at $175 each through Feb. 1!

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