Make Dance Fun

Summer in December

December 19, 2023 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 3 Episode 69
Make Dance Fun
Summer in December
Show Notes

In Episode 69, we're covering our busy holiday season and our focus for launching summer at our studio in early 2024!

Things to Focus on for Summer Preparations:

  1. Summer Camp Planning Meetings:
    • Scheduling camps and determining closed weeks.
    • Identifying camp types and durations.
    • Emailing staff for summer availability.
    • Initial discussions on communication and marketing strategies.
  2. Determine What Camps and Themes You will Offer:
  3. Save the Date - Announce Dates Early:
    • We stress the importance of releasing dates early for summer camps.
    • Try sending out a preliminary "save the date" flyer before the holiday break.
    • Preparing for a Summer Launch week in February, involving the entire studio and offering discounts on camp registrations. We make it fun, very themed and involve our Year-End Show characters! 

Check out all 35 of our Camp Confetti Themes to get your summer planning organized and ready to go f

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