Make Dance Fun

Make Recital Planning Fun

November 03, 2023 Season 3 Episode 66
Make Dance Fun
Make Recital Planning Fun
Show Notes

In Episode 66, we're sharing details about our Recital Planning Retreat you can use when you host your own! We dive into the highlights of our recent retreat and share 5 fun and 5 practical tips that made our retreat a huge success.

5 Fun Things:

  1. Decor: Create a colorful theme with napkins, plates, cups, and more incorporating elements related to your show theme.
  2. Cocktails & Candy: Design themed cocktails like Barbie mimosas and create a candy board for a sweet treat.
  3. Pinterest Vision Board: Bring your vision board to life by printing it out and using it as decor. It's a great visual tool for inspiration.
  4. Goody Bag: Prepare goody bags with theme-specific items for your team, creating a fun photo opportunity.
  5. Call Bell: Use a call bell to celebrate each costume selection, adding excitement and motivation.

5 Practical Things:

  1. Spotify Playlist: Share a collaborative playlist for music selection, streamlining the process.
  2. Assign Tasks: Clearly define each team member's responsibilities and priorities.
  3. Costume Boards: Create visual boards with stickers for costume details.
  4. End of Weekend Recap: Review what was accomplished and assign concept directors.
  5. Post-Retreat Meeting: Get together with the staff soon after the retreat to share details and set expectations.

If you want a deeper dive into our show planning process, check out our recital planning course Your Fun Big Show available for immediate download. Don't forget to visit the Rhythm Instagram for behind-the-scenes glimpses of our Rhythm Nation Barbie Dream Vacation planning.

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