Make Dance Fun

Creating Dance Costumes - Part 2

October 16, 2023 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 3 Episode 65
Make Dance Fun
Creating Dance Costumes - Part 2
Show Notes

In episode 65, we continue our discussion of creating costumes, but this episode focuses more on costumes for rec classes and lower cost options for customizing your costumes!

  • Custom isn't always feasible: Not every dance piece calls for a custom costume due to budget constraints. We begin by discussing the choreographer's vision and create Pinterest boards to capture the desired look and vibe.
  • Mix & Match Magic: For Hip Hop and Tap, we often mix and match streetwear elements, selecting a color scheme and purchasing items to style creatively. Amazon, Urban Outfitters, ASOS, and more are our go-to resources.
  • Crafty Touch: We love crafting sashes, corsages, capes, and other accessories to add a unique touch to basic costumes.

Year-End Show (Rec Class) Costumes:

  • Catalog Curation: Limiting the number of costume catalogs used streamlines the process and facilitates exchanges and coordination.
  • Customization: We select pre-made costumes for most themes, but sometimes we can't find the perfect fit. In these cases, we get creative. For instance, for an "Alice in Wonderland" theme, we paired a blue dress from the catalog with custom white aprons, resulting in adorable Alices.
  • Theme-Specific Customization: "Are You Madder than a Hatter?" inspired Mad Hatter costumes with sequin dresses, top hats, and show logo patches. We utilize custom printed patches from THE STUDIO for a personalized touch.
  • Creative Innovation: We apply custom touches to around 5-6 costumes each year, adding unique flair to fit our themes.

Recital Hip Hop Costumes:

  • Customization for Teens: Many off-the-shelf teen hip hop costumes don't match our themes, so we order separates like pants from Weissman's and add a custom hoodie or t-shirt featuring theme-specific graphics.
  • Personal Style: We provide accessories like bandanas, hats, and bracelets for teens to add their personal style to their costumes, ensuring a unique look.
  • Thinking Outside the Costume Box: Consider combining costume pieces with blazers, vests, and more to create a tailored look that fits your theme.

Final Thoughts:

Dive deeper into costume design and think creatively to make your costumes perfectly complement your choreography and themes. While finding the ideal costume may not always be as easy as flipping through a catalog, the extra effort can make all the difference in the final performance.

Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the creative costume journey!

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