Make Dance Fun

A Typical Day in our (Studio) Life - Part 2 (Wednesday-Friday)

January 18, 2023 Season 3 Episode 61
Make Dance Fun
A Typical Day in our (Studio) Life - Part 2 (Wednesday-Friday)
Show Notes

Episode 61 of ourMake Dance Fun Podcast is Part 2 of our A Typical Day in our (Studio) Life. In Episode 56, we covered Mondays and Tuesdays, so this episode will detail what Wednesday, Thursday and Friday look like! 

These last three days of our “normal” work week usually vary more than our Monday and Tuesday schedule, but we do have a general structure, so we are going to do our best to share this with you guys! 


  • Confetti Meeting led by Shelley around 9:30a.m.  Ellie joins sometimes, too
  • Reserve at least a portion of this day for various Confetti projects, marketing campaigns, creative work, brainstorming, creating presentations, working on Camp Confetti depending on time of year
  • Work from our office at Annex on any various projects we have going on for Rhythm or Confetti until around 3 or 3:30. 
  • Go home at a normal hour on this day and sometimes very early and work from home. This is also a podcast day when time allows! And, we do our podcast recordings from home since we don’t have a quiet area at the studio! 


  • Admin Meeting with Shelley and Krista. We are currently working on putting new systems in place and this is requiring extra time, so we typically meet to work on this and/or anything else that Krista or Shelley needs from us.
  • Occasional marketing meetings as well!
  • Work on our individual to-do lists in Basecamp
  • Thursday afternoon/evening - sometimes at Annex and most the time we will end the day at Rhythm for costume meetings or rehearsals. 
  • During Competition and Convention Season,  we hold our Spirit Sesh and final rehearsals at Rhythm on Thursdays (usually a late night during competition season). We spend Thursday nights packing up and loading for the weekend as they almost always start early Friday morning. In theory, this is only once per month, but it feels like it’s an every week thing when you are in it!
  •  From September - March, we are very busy with our custom costumes from design meetings to searching for fabric, meeting with Beth for our sample meetings and fittings. This takes place on all days, but because Wednesday and Thursday are more flexible, it's most often on those two days! 


  • Catch all/Catch up day. 
  • Hold any necessary meetings with Emily as she’s at the desk most of the day. It’s a day that not too many people are reaching out to us or asking many questions, so we are usually able to get things done.
  • Meet with Ellie, our assistant and project manager 
  • Confetti Photo and Video Shoots  - If we are having a photo or video shoot, it usually starts mid-late afternoon (when school is out) and goes until we get it done. We almost always start setting up anything we can on Thursday evening, but this has been a challenge that we are still trying to figure out. 
  • Crafting and creating walls

Obviously, we adjust each day as needed, but that’s what our weekdays typically look like. We hope you’ve found this to be helpful in some way when mapping out your week!

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