Make Dance Fun

Our Top 10 Fun + Fave Promo Items!

November 04, 2022 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 2 Episode 55
Make Dance Fun
Our Top 10 Fun + Fave Promo Items!
Show Notes

In Episode 55, we're sharing ideas & links to our fave promo items!

  1. Slinkies - Super popular with kids! 
  2. Reusable Grocery Bags - You get lots of eyes on these at your local grocery stores! We also use them for costume bags when handing out our company costumes!
  3. Pop Its - Kids are obsessed!! 
  4. Acrylic Key Chains - Add your logo and attach a Pop It (see #3) for a great promo item! Call it a bag tag since most kids don't use key chains and they can put them on their dance bags! 
  5. Tattoos - These are a go-to staple for us for goodie bags, open house, summer launch week - fun & super cheap! 
  6. Beach Balls - Use these for registration or summer camp promos and/or as give aways at community events!
  7. Large Magnets - So many options!
  8. Buttons, Stickers and Magnets - StickerMule is a go to for us for all things! 
  9. “MOOD” Stadium Cups  - These color-changing cups are so fun, kids & parents alike love them.  
  10. Make Dance Fun Confetti Fun Tags - Vintage style key chains in our Confetti shop! Special Sale Price! Great for staff gifts, giveaways, ornaments and more!  

We hope one of these promo items is something you can add into the mix of your giveaways! What are your faves?

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