Make Dance Fun

Fall Recital-A-Rama

October 21, 2022 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 2 Episode 54
Make Dance Fun
Fall Recital-A-Rama
Show Notes

In episode 54, we're talking about all the things we are doing this fall to get ready for our year-end show! Our show is our ultimate marketing tool and this time of year is packed full of prep to get started on the right foot and get our dancers and families on board with the theme! We love to make the show super exciting for our dancers and we love making our theme a really big deal and tying it into all aspects of the studio all season! 

  1. Decorating Halloweek with our Theme 
  2. Costume and Show Communication Prep
    • At Rhythm we have about 1200 students who take 3600 classes, so, we are planning for eight shows this season. This is a beast of a job to figure out!
    • We meet with Shelley and Krista to make this task happen
  3. Measuring for costumes 
  4. Brainstorm with the Staff
  5. Meetings with Production Company and Theater - solidifying things like lobby space, dressing space, lighting possibilities, making sure the contract is secure and there are no surprises! 
  6. Graphics/Logos - We make sure these are ready to go for all our upcoming communications! 
    • We use Canva teams to get backgrounds and logos all set up so our staff can access them easily
  7. Planning for the recital retreat: booking the house, logistics, food, travel, spreadsheets, costume books, how we are decorating, etc. We don't wing it, we plan for everything!
  8. Creative Planning for Show - watching movies, discussing themes, reading books, looking at books, etc. 

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We hope you are able to take away something from these details that will help you in your show planning this Fall! 

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