Make Dance Fun

Halloweek Fun at Your Studio!

October 13, 2022 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 2 Episode 53
Make Dance Fun
Halloweek Fun at Your Studio!
Show Notes

In episode 53, we're talking all about HALLOWEEK ON THE DANCE FLOOR -  a Confetti tradition since our very first year!! 

Halloweek on the Dance Floor is a fun Halloween combo that we share with you for free to use in your classes during Halloweek! We encourage you to teach it, film it and share it! This year, we are changing it up a little and creating a reel (or tik tok) with specific audio for you to use! We encourage you to create a festive space or background to film your dancers a few at a time doing the combo.

More Halloweek ideas from #rhythmhalloweek

  • Podcast Episode #32 Festive Fall Faculty Fun - deep dive on our Pumpkin Pizzazz Party for our Staff
  • Podcast Episode #34 where we share tons of fun Halloween ideas and games and such! 
  • Studio Decor - we're doing a spooky take of Alice in Wonderland (our year-end show theme). We now have 9 studios to decorate, so are trying our best to streamline some things to make it a little easier to put up and also take down. We will, of course, go more full out on a main wall in our lobby (at both locations) so everyone has a fun place to take all the photos they want.
  • Fall Faculty Fun - we're hosting a fun meeting for our Recital Brainstorming session where we'll serve lunch, decorate pumpkins and take a Halloween staff photo where everyone will dress as characters from our show
  • Halloween Heels & Spooky Feels - This is something new this year that should be fun! Our adult program is really growing, so we are holding a special event for them one evening where they’ll dress up, have a fun heels class and we’ll provide a few snacks & drinks. This is a great way to promote your adult program! We are getting ready to start a new class for adults in November called DanceMix, a combo of jazz and hip hop, so this will be a fun and festive promo! 
  • Rhythm Halloweek - we encourage our dancers to dress up as a character from Alice in Wonderland during Halloweek and if they do, they get a Wonder in Rhythmland sticker.  This is a simple and fun way to promote the show! 
  • Performing Company Halloween Party - we host this fun event annually at a local park. Their "families" dress up in their family costume and we play games. It's always a hit! 

We hope you find these fun ideas to be helpful with your Halloween and fall planning.  Share with us what you’re doing at your studios! 

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