Make Dance Fun

5 Customer-Friendly Tips for Your New Dance Season

September 29, 2022 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 2 Episode 52
Make Dance Fun
5 Customer-Friendly Tips for Your New Dance Season
Show Notes

In Episode 52, we're sharing 5 fun things we've done this season that have been well received by our customers this season!

We created a Calendar Magnet for Performing Company that we handed out during our themed company parent meetings. These are convenient for them to put on their fridge to always have access to the many dates their dancer is committed to throughout the season. We gave it to them during our disco-themed company parent meeting where we also treated them to a coffee bar, goody bags and fun photo ops and prizes for people who dressed up in the theme. 

Class Hosts - You may have heard us talk about this position we started during covid, but we have learned just how valuable these ladies are, and have hired them again this season. We have 1-2 at each location and they hang out at the front door, and one other area in the studio to help kids and parents navigate the studio, get to their cars, help us craft when we are in crunch time and so much more.

New staff photos and headshots, plus new fun headshots for the company dancers. We held a photo shoot that was more fun and on brand for us and the pics look great! And, if you go to our faculty page, it is a fun + fresh update to our old headshots! 

We also did headshots for all our company dancers during their intensive week and it worked great - they were already scheduled to be here, so it was so much easier to schedule and make happen! These will be going on colorful, fun posters in to hang in the lobby very soon, and we are so excited about having this fresh update for the walls! 

Monthly Performing Company Update: This is a simple, but colorful and cute, easy to read “newsletter” of sorts. But, it’s just the information they need to know with a date or dates attached to it. Dani designs these and she is self-proclaimed to not be a pro in Canva, but she made the template and alters it each month with updated info and sends it out.  

We have been creating QR codes for multiple things. For example, we have a QR code for the make-up google form that company members have to fill out when they come in to do a make-up class. Also, if you come in for trial class, there is a QR code that you scan to sign up. On the magnet we did for company, there is a QR code on the magnet that they can use to get to their Company Landing Page - this landing page holds ALL the things they need for company, from their absence tracker and form to their schedules and more! 

 We hope you find some of these few things we’ve been doing to also be helpful at your studio!

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