Make Dance Fun

Five Ways to WOW your customers!

September 15, 2022 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 2 Episode 50
Make Dance Fun
Five Ways to WOW your customers!
Show Notes

In Episode 50, we're sharing FIVE ways to WOW your customers. The wow factor time frame really never goes away, but during the beginning of the season, you want to make sure you are setting a tone for the season and paying attention to serving your customers well!

  1. Overall Customer Experience: What does customer experience mean for you and your studio? What do they see and experience when they walk in the door, when they call/email the studio, visit your website, register and what happens after registration (welcome letter/packet). These are all ways to show that you value them, want to welcome them into your dance home. Remember that a great experience usually results in a positive word of mouth advertising for your studio!

  2. Social Media:  Take advantage of increased engagement at the beginning of the season by posting lots of different aspects of your studio from faculty to preschool, teen classes, advanced dancers. A story will SELL, a fact will TELL:  Tell a story on social media vs. just providing the facts. Make sure everyone knows where to find you on your platform of choice. Communicate hashtags and encourage sharing. Engage with your followers! REELS ARE THE THING. Remember to do Studio Tours, Weekly Recaps, Announcement videos!

  3. Open House and/or being present in your lobby during the first couple weeks of classes. If you teach a lot of classes, maybe have an ambassador do this for you. Someone cheerful to greet all your dancers and parents. Someone who genuinely enjoys talking with people and shares your love for the studio.

  4. Create a fun wall so every dancer & mom or dad has a reason to take a photo and share it on social media. This is building your community and another way to help them feel a part of it. See episode 49

  5. WOW Cards - From big milestones to small victories, who doesn't love to celebrate a WOW moment in dance class?! Hand out these tiny compliments to your dancers when they achieve their goals and make their day! We have three different versions - Sweet Celebrations, High Fives and Oh YeahsGoal Getters that each include 500 business card sized WOW Cards, 25 each of 20 different fun + fancy designs! Each card has a small area for you to write a short message, sign your name or write the dancer's name on it! 

Keep them by the sound system in each studio and encourage our teachers to use them as often as it makes sense, whether that's once per week or a few times per year! Occasionally you may want to give the entire class a WOW card for working as a team, or everyone executing a certain step, or remembering choreography or just having a great attitude in class! Check out #wowcarded on Instagram to see how so many studios are WOWing their students! 

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