Make Dance Fun

Fun + Fancy Five Star Staff Kick-Off

September 01, 2022 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 2 Episode 48
Make Dance Fun
Fun + Fancy Five Star Staff Kick-Off
Show Notes

In episode 48, we're telling you all about our Staff Kick-Off event! This is something we do every year and sometimes it's a few hours with a fun dinner and sometimes it lasts 2 days! 

We are celebrating our 30th season this year, so we wanted to do something extra special. Plus, our staff expanded quite a bit, so we needed to do more!

We started with our theme: Rhythm BLOOM Symposyium and went full out from there! We rented a venue, had it catered, held a fun + fancy photo shoot and decorated it super cute! The set up was a little hectic even though we did so much pre-planning and pre-crafting, but it ended up looking super cute! 

We did a 30-year celebration staff photo shoot where everyone got new headshots and also some fun shots, lots of group shots and of course, confetti shots! We helped the staff style their outfits beforehand with things from our personal closets and our confetti closet! 

We had various stations around the rooms including an apothecary where they could build their own bags with fun items, drinks/coffee station, vision boards, eating tables, round tables for meeting, creative books, and a seminar room set up classroom style with a large TV for showing our presentations. 

We had assigned seating with cute tent cards and fun, colorful tablecloths. Everyone received folders, notebooks, snacks and a few other fun items at their place setting. 

On day 1, after the photo shoot, we covered our mission, vision and values, discussed goals for the season, had guest speakers Zoom into the meeting and reviewed our staff expectations.  That evening, we had a fun catered dinner and stayed at a nearby hotel to come back early the next morning.  

On day 2, we held roundtables where teachers who teach the same style discuss curriculum, goals, and share ideas. There is a designated leader of each group who maintains a Google doc to capture the discussions. We also held an Admin roundtable to discuss new systems we want to implement this season.  Then, we continued our seminar and finished our staff expectations. After a catered lunch, we finished with a wrap-up with everyone contributing their thoughts on how to make the year best it can be!

It was such a cohesive event, and our best staff kick off to date! Check out our Reel on Instagram from the event! And, go to our Highlights to see all the Insta Stories from this super fun + fancy event!

We hope you found some inspiration in this episode! Also, if you would like us to speak to your studio at a staff event, we are open to that! We really enjoyed having that opportunity for our team at our kick off! It made it interesting and was helpful to get other professional perspectives!

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