Make Dance Fun

Fast + Fun Photo Shoots

April 26, 2022 Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg Season 2 Episode 46
Make Dance Fun
Fast + Fun Photo Shoots
Show Notes

In episode 46, we're sharing 5 fun and easy ideas for photo shoots that you can use for social media, promotions, programs, emails and more! 

  1. White Wall - Outdoors  - A white background always brightens up photos! We just did this with our graduating seniors to create some cohesive photos to use on social media, our year-end show programs and also to gift to them as a graduation gift! We found a closed grocery store with a simple, bright white brick wall! We spent about 10 minutes on each dancer, got a few action shots and a headshot. The pictures look awesome, and we were able to create a cohesive, fun page in our program and also a fun poster of our grads! You could do this in any situation you needed some promo photos for! Check out our pics

  2. Seamless roll of photo paper: This simple option can be set up inside or outside in any space available to you.  Order online or buy locally from a photography supply store. If you don’t have tripods or the equipment to hang it in the middle of a room, you can simply tape it to a flat wall. You can shoot them plain or add in a few simple props. 

  3. Take a photo anywhere that has good lighting and remove the background! Apps like Pic Collage and Canva make this so easy. We highly recommend the pro version and the team option! Both of these have a background remover where you can remove the background of any photo and put it on a plain background or a fun print background. 

  4. Murals: This is a fun way to capture photos on a fun and colorful background requiring no effort other than finding the location. Almost every city now has painted murals and if you haven't seen them in person, you can likely find them by just googling “fun mural walls” in whatever city or town you live in. We recommend checking them out ahead of time to make sure the space is conducive to taking photos. Atlanta has quite a few mural walls and some of them are more recognizable than others.  We have one that’s been around for many years, and it’s painted on the back side of a grocery store. It’s a giant, fun disco ball with a John Travolta-ish disco dancing guy on it, and it’s just so colorful. It’s right up our alley! We took our cast of characters last year on a Sunday morning really early to be sure we didn’t run into too many cars in the parking lot and it was a huge success. The key here is simple and quick because other than googling and taking a quick drive to check it out, you don’t have to set anything up. You just show up and snap your fun photos!

  5. Confetti Pic! The final easy photo shoot idea is launch some confetti around a dancer or group of dancers! Use your smartphone or a camera and snap as many times as you can as you launch the confetti. Tell the dancers to smile and jump around, and it is SO easy to get a cute photo! This always brings out those authentic smiles too! This is also a great video moment too to use for a reel!! 

We hope this inspires you to snap some fun photos! Try to do a quick photo shoot soon and tag us or let us know how it goes! We will be watching for those on instagram! 

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